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A marketing boutique agency of 13 years, MUST Experience has a strong understanding of the Malaysian market and excels at developing out of the box marketing campaigns for its clients.

Working with you, we’ll unlock the power, potential and value of your brand, by managing, reviving, reimagining, repositioning, creating or extending it.

Over the years MUST Experience has been servicing prestigious clients such as PepsiCo, Unilever, Mondelez, Campbell’s, Ricoh, or Mead Johnson among others, but also some local players.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding & Rebranding
  • Creative Event Management
  • Integrated Campaigns

We’ll ensure you always get

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The moment you engage us, your brand becomes our brand.
Your success stories are our success stories. We want to grow with you.

Explore Our Main Services

You don’t know where to start? You don’t know what to do next? Or you are simply looking for an agency to handle your marketing needs? Let us know how we can participate in developing your brand.

Website Development

For us, our work doesn’t just display what we’ve created for our clients, it also demonstrates how we thrive on making creative ideas come to life.

We’re a team of idealists and ideologists, who gel together to deliver the highest standards of IT software development to benefit our customers.

Social Media Maintenance

MUST Xp now offers an affordable results-driven social media management and maintenance services specifically tailored for your needs. In today’s world your social media presence is your sales team, your customer service department and your connection to friends and fans alike.

We understand that many small businesses do not have the budget to spend hundreds of dollars a month on fancy social media marketing strategies that give them little or no return on their investments. So we figured out a way to give your business a professional custom social presence for a fraction of what digital marketing agencies charge.

Content Marketing

In today’s digital landscape, traditional marketing methods are becoming less and less effective. There is a much better way to create value and engagement for your business.

Enter content marketing.

The consumer is becoming increasingly intelligent when it comes to sidestepping traditional marketing techniques. They can fast forward adverts on the TV, request not to receive mailshots through the door and skip pages of adverts in magazines. A good content marketing agency looks to provide a strategic approach to ensure your content is still visible to prospective and existing clients but is subtle enough to educate, influence and effectively change behaviours without using a direct selling approach.

A content marketing agency like ours will provide relevant, informative and frequent content to your consumers. This will develop consumer trust and respect for your company, which in return will reward you with new business and loyalty.

Branding & Rebranding

Looking for a marketing agency to build a powerful strategy for your brand? We will take the internal and external truths surrounding your brand and bring it to life in a convincing and creative way. It needs to look stunning and it needs to work beautifully. So you get truly great results.

Working with you, we’ll unlock the power, potential and value of your brand, by managing, reviving, reimagining, repositioning, creating or extending it.

Creative Event Management

We tell the story of your brand, product or business through events.

We’re a boutique event management team, with years of experience, dedicated to make our clients’ stories come alive. We work with you to understand your brand ethos and the message you wish to communicate. We then provide an unexpected, creative and individual bespoke event solutions to a wide range of briefs.

We’re a super creative events agency and challenge ourselves to come up with the most unique, unusual and exciting event venues, event designs and ideas. You should put us to the test.

Integrated Campaigns

Through experience of creating highly targeted, integrated marketing campaigns, our talented team blend the perfect mix of creativity and technology to optimise and implement the perfect campaign.

We work out integrated campaigns for every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. Then we’ll research, plan and deliver the best marketing tools, channels, media and creative for the job.

Meet some of our clients

We have some nice stories and campaigns for all these clients, among many others. Let’s schedule a meeting so we find out how to bring additional value to your brand.

Contact us for an appointment: must@mustxp.com

We’d love to show you more projects we have worked on and see how we can work together.